Our Services

    • Income Protection

      You = Income – Expenses. Without income, expenses still needs to be paid. Income is the biggest financial asset in your life. Learn how to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    • CPF Investment

      Work and work till 55 yet unable to enjoy your hard earned money. The Minimum Sum rises every year and is now at $161,000. Learn how to grow your CPF even while paying off your HDB loan.

    • Personal Finance

      Beginning of the month rich, then start worrying about bills, and end of the month poor. Sounds familiar? Learn how to manage your cashflow and expenses to ensure you always have money.

    • Risk Management

      Life is full of risks and unforeseen circumstances. Many people suffer financially when a misfortune happens. Learn how to reduce the risk and be prepared for any situation.

    • Legacy Planning

      As a highly affluent individual, you may already have the knowledge to enhance your wealth. However, your challenge lies in protecting this wealth of yours for the next generation.

    • Corporate Solutions

      Employees are the bedrock of your company. A successful business is not just about achieving profits. Reward them with employee benefits to grow your company even further.

    • I was surprised by the high level of professionalism provided by Azam. He was patient in catering to my indecisiveness and explained to me fully the various solutions available for me to achieve my financial goals. Thanks to Azam, I have a clear understanding of my current financial health.

      Udo Naganobu
      Senior Corporate Sales Executive, ServiceSource International
    • For those who are interested in getting yourselves financially literate and protected, please make an appointment with this gentleman.

      Azam is very forthright and willing to understand and cater to your present and future needs.

      Fahmi Samsuri
      Koffeeologist, Yahava KoffeeWorks
    • Azam has always been prompt in answering my queries and helped me gain a better understanding of the financial landscape in Singapore when I first came here. He’s a professional and has deep knowledge in managing personal finances.

      Hennrik Schmidt
      Research Fellow, PhD, National University of Singapore
    • Azam truly cares about my financial health. He keeps giving me practical advise and showed me how to better manage my expenses and cashflow, while growing my portfolio. It was difficult for me at first to follow his recommendations, and I’m glad he’s there to keep track of my progress. Having him as my financial planner gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus fully on doing what I love. I truly recommend for you to engage Azam.

      Huda Hamid
      Creative Director, Blissful Studios